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A John Lewis, David Hume Tower and Piers Eight Bar Case Study

16 November 2016

Bespoke Furniture

 Manufacturing high quality bespoke furniture with installation is one of the main services we provide here at KDM. Bespoke by its very definition means “custom made” and in the furniture industry it relates to furniture that is designed to fit a particular specification. However at KDM we like to go a bit further than just meeting a particular specification and develop our fitting solutions to match and compliment the culture and tone of the venue. We are very lucky to have fitted historic and famous landmarks and worked with very prestigious brands and we respectfully design our bespoke solutions to encompass their traditions.

David Hume Tower at Edinburgh University

Recently we helped fit and revamp the David Hume Tower at Edinburgh University. The tower is named after the famous and pioneering philosopher David Hume. Many of David Hume’s theories still hold relevance in his discipline today. From his theory on “The Uncertainty of Causation” to his ideas on the meaning of “self”, David Hume’s theories paved the way for many modern philosophers. Thus the David Hume Tower represents abstract thought and forwarding thinking open-mindedness.

The cosmopolitan reception desk along with our edgy wall cladding somewhat mirrors the abstraction and obscurity of the philosophical beliefs that are entrenched in this buildings history.

Piers Eight Bar- The Lowry Theatre

The Lowry Theatre is an architectural flagship which brings a range of visual arts and performing arts to the heart of the redeveloped Salford Quays in Greater Manchester. The Lowry aims to “give everyone access to new areas of creativity and to embrace its broad community”

We were lucky enough to help manufacture and fit out the Pier Eight Bar. This stylish and post-modern bar looks over the dramatic skyline of Salford Quays.  The crisp white chairs, weaving padded seating with our uniquely textured wall cladding helps to complement the creative nature of the Piers Eight Bar and intertwines with the artistic nature that the Lowry Theatre embodies.

John Lewis – Birmingham

Earlier in 2015 we assisted with the design and fit out of the ceiling cladded system at Birmingham. John Lewis encapsulates “Britishness” and their famous Christmas advert which helps kick start Christmas excitement in Britain every year has just been released. We designed a stylish timber roof to help John Lewis lead the way with in store retail design, just as they lead the way in quality designer clothing and advertising.

The finished product at John Lewis Birmingham highlights that KDM go further than just meeting specifications, we create fitting solutions that connect with your internal culture and represent your brand with personality.

Piers Eight Bar- The Lowry Theatre



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