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The Advantages of Bespoke Bedroom Furniture

3 October 2016

We have recently developed a range of bespoke bedroom furniture suits which we showcase at MGM in Dunfermline. This has spurred us to think about, what a customer needs to take into account before buying bespoke furniture and the advantages that bespoke furniture can bring.

 Bespoke Furniture Considerations

Firstly, you need to consider your family dynamics and future. Naturally, children grow up, leave for university and sometimes even come back. A family is an ever changing dynamic, unfortunately, furniture does not have that luxury. Family’s need to consider the functionality they require at present and the functionality they may require in the future. Will your bespoke furniture unit need to withstand young excited children, is it likely you will need extra space in the future? Custom bespoke furniture can be a very special purchase, meaning people can get carried away with their design and end up creating a unit that does compliment their current interior design. However, you will have a bespoke piece of furniture for a long time and it is better to create a timeless unit than following the latest interior design fads.

 Advantages of Bespoke Furniture    

Unfortunately, due to an unforgiving economy and the raising of house prices over the years, most of us don’t have as much space as we would like. This is where bespoke furniture can make a difference. Bespoke custom furniture can utilise all those little nooks and crannies. More often than not newer homes tend to be smaller but are in fact easier for to implement a bespoke unit, due to their squarer nature.

Bespoke Bedroom Furniture.

The image above is one of our bespoke bedroom furniture designs displayed at MGM Dunfermline. It really conveys the storage possibilities with two large wardrobes to the left and right, overhead storage and four drawers under the sleekly positioned Tv Unit.

Bespoke Drawers

The first drawer shows the versatility of Bespoke furniture design, with individual storage segments which is great for separating various items of jewellery and beauty products.

Our bespoke design makes use of a sleek bespoke T.V unit. It is a must that interior design enhances comfort and practicalities in tandem.  Choosing a bespoke T.V unit can help make your bedroom clutter free.

Bespoke T.V Unit

As shown above bespoke T.V units can be built with any type of storage space in mind, from drawers, cupboards and or display shelving.

If you are looking for a timber bespoke furniture solution to enhance your interior design and help utilise every inch of space in your house visit us at kdmgroup.co.uk or visit MGM at http://www.mgmtimber.co.uk/



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