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Opportunities Provided by the Public Sector For The Construction Industry

10 November 2017

A couple of months back we wrote about the drawbacks Brexit could have on the construction industry. We looked at issues such as the falling pound which has increased import costs of materials and the departure of skilled EU workers which have left due to the uncertainty of workers’ rights. Over all we predicted that Brexit was going to make life hard for the construction industry in the next couple of years. In all honesty, the article was a “little doom and gloom” and did not give any positive advice to counteract the effects of Brexit. Well, this article is a little more positive and we are going to look at how companies in the construction industry can leverage public bodies to help them secure more contracts, increase productivity and expand their company’s growth.

Scottish Enterprise

Scottish Enterprise offers a plethora of options which can help construction businesses generate more contract opportunities, networks and improve processes. From regular trades to more abstract areas of the construction industry like stone restoration and construction firms is the number one public body in Scotland for established companies to secure business assistance and there is no need to wait about, by visiting the website today https://www.scottish-enterprise.com/ you can contact their support specialists to assist your business to become SE account managed and take advantage of their services.

Business outside Scotland

  • Making the transition from a national construction company to a global one is no easy feat. However, Scottish Enterprise has put measures in place to help you as much as they can so call their expert advisors.
  • Their partnership with the Department of International Trade and SDI can provide you with advice and support on language barriers, legal and cultural differences to assist in your penetration of international markets.
  • Scottish Enterprise has offices in Houston and Singapore amongst others that can be leveraged for getting into international markets including the US and Asia.

An arm of Scottish Enterprise is Scottish Development International whose function includes:

  •  Helping global businesses enter and grow in Scotland
  • Assist through support and training on how Scottish companies can penetrate markets outside of the UK through dedicated account management.

 Other SE Support

Scottish Enterprise can also assist in times of distress, if your account managed then your SE Manager through regular reviews can identify risk and mediate with your senior management to minimise the risk using a wide scope of professional support services and in some cases grants or loans.

Business Gateway

Business Gateway is another public body that can offer an enormous amount of help to new and developing companies in the construction industry. The construction industry is, of course, competitive and making sure you have efficient business and marketing procedures in place is crucial.  Business Gateway Fife along with other regional BG’s offer an array of free training from bookkeeping right through to online marketing courses.

KDM Case Study

Understanding how powerful digital marketing is more generating leads is crucial. With the consultancy of Business Gateway Fife, we managed to drive more traffic to our website. We improved our SEO, which stands for search engine optimisation and means that our site comes up with search results. For example, if you type in “shopfitting contracts” we currently come up number one on Google.

Business Gateway Fife also runs social media marketing classes. We put their advice in place and one of our LinkedIn case study blogs drove over 500 visitors to our site.

Business Gateway Fife do more than digital marketing classes, they also run events in accountancy, leadership, video production, cash flows and a lot more. One of the best services they offer is their plethora of business guides.

Business Guides Include:

  • Finance
  • Manage Your Business
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Employing
  • Growth and Improvement

These comprehensive guides, although not geared to construction specifically are great for general business tips regardless of your sector.

Other Useful Public Bodies


  •  A manufacturing support service to assist in streamlining your manufacturing processes.
  • Comprehensive review to assist your business understand the implications of any investment, not just the capital cost but the required project management.

Final Word

The public sector in Scotland offers an array of opportunities for the construction industry and at KDM we like to utilise all the relevant leveraging channels we can. With any business it’s about identifying the best opportunities for your business and the public sector provides multiple platforms for any business to develop. KDM believe the services provided by the public bodies named above are something we should be proud of in this country and utilise to the maximum.



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