KDM’s Role in Restoring Kelvin Hall

By September 15, 2016 May 28th, 2020 News

Kelvin Hall is steeped in Scottish culture and heritage. Recently the archaic building has gone through a £35 million redevelopment. The building most recently hosted a sports arena and Glasgow’s Transport Museum. It will be the home to 1.5 million pieces from Glasgow’s civic collection and Glasgow’s Hunterian Museum. The historic venue will also house the National Library of Scotland’s Moving Image Archive and play a role in Scottish cultural development.

Here at KDM we were thrilled to collaborate with McLaughlan & Harvey, Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Life, the University of Glasgow and the National Library of Scotland to help revamp a Scottish cultural hot spot.

Plans for a gallery of contemporary art at Kelvin Hall are at an early stage and key figures believe having art from the NGS and the Hunterian in the same place would help Kevin Hall create the same stature and grandeur as the Tate Modern does for London. At KDM we were thrilled to be given the opportunity to showcase how our custom shop fittings could be merged and contribute to a venue where style, artistic design, and creativity will spear front and represent Scotland’s cultural artistic direction.

This project has really allowed us to showcase our artistic and sleek design capabilities. We often work and produce high-quality custom shop fittings for large household brands like Tesco, RBS and John Lewis where design is still a key focus, but this project has really allowed us to raise our game and produce a setting worthy of housing high-quality contemporary art.

Custom Timber Fittings-Kelvin Hall

The above image shows the new revamped Kelvin Hall Café and displays our custom designed timber framed seating and tables, which is complemented by our stylish wall cladding along the left and right-hand side. Thus creating a setting where even, the most pretentious art critique or Glasgow student can enjoy musing over a coffee.


Here is the freshly redesigned reception. Our wall cladding and furnishing set an artistic and contemporary nostalgia from the get go. This provides the perfect entrance for a building which represents culture, international stature, and fine contemporary art.

At KDM we love tackling new challenges and continually improving our versatility. The Kelvin Hall project allowed us to demonstrate our versatile shop/venue fitting abilities and proudly resurrect a Scottish cultural powerhouse.