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Building Business Resilience Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

26 October 2020

When we look back on 2020, we are going to remember this year as one of the toughest battles our generation has faced yet.  Whilst we have witnessed the global economy ground almost to an immediate halt for some industries, we reflect back on how the pandemic has affected how we do business at KDM.

It has without doubt presented challenges for our daily business operations but our true test is in how we have learned to adapt and transform our business model by overcoming any unexpected hurdles.  It is safe to say there is still a degree of uncertainty in being able to predict how the rest of the year might take shape but KDM have good reason to celebrate during 2020.

First and foremost, our business growth at KDM has achieved very positive levels. We can be proud to say that in the face of the pandemic, we have continued to provide principal contracting, fit-out, manufacturing and design solutions to our international clients with minimal disruption to our operations.

Many of our clients operate in fast-paced sectors such as online distributors and supermarket retail where the impact of the pandemic only accelerated the level of demand for their goods and services throughout 2020.  This has resulted in our client’s fast-tracking development of their current and procured estate and in turn, has resulted in a high dependency on key partners like KDM to deliver their projects.

With our proactive and ambitious efforts, KDM have maximised on the opportunities being presented.  During the period of lockdown as an example, we assisted our clients in developing fast track solutions when sites were able to re-open throughout the UK and mainland Europe including remodelling site practice and logistic solutions.  This communication meant we could quickly increase productivity and engage on sites as soon as it was safe to do so.  During this process, we continued to liaise with our clients, key government agencies and our health and safety partners to ensure we embedded new safe working practices.  The practical measures we implemented fully recognised the risk of COVID19 offering complete transparency to our clients.  This provided them with overall peace of mind and with the reassurance that KDM were delivering projects in a responsible manner.  We continue to adopt these measures throughout our operations as we navigate our way through the pandemic ensuring that we are fully compliant with Government and industry guidelines.

As Covid-19 sweeps through the world, our project delivery teams have worked tirelessly to provide solutions and complete work as seamlessly as possible whilst continuously exceeding our client’s expectations. From conception to completion, the project team have developed new ways of operating with social distancing and the implementation of measures designed to protect our staff and our clients and by reducing any associated risks.

Mark Jones, Executive Director of KDM said ‘No one could have predicted the turn of events in 2020 and the implications this had on any business but we are fortunate enough to say our business has grown from strength-to-strength.’

He continued ‘As a supplier to many international clients, KDM have remained focused and optimistic in providing a solutions-based delivery at all times.’

‘From our responsiveness right through to our ability to put robust measures in place, we have managed any challenges with the highest level of professionalism.  Our swift and forward-thinking efforts have strengthened our reputation with our clients who remain confident in our abilities to deliver their projects on time.’ Concluded Mark Jones.

The duration of the pandemic remains unknown but what we can be certain about is our abilities at KDM to quickly adapt our strategies by readjusting our existing business model and introducing thorough and tested contingency planning.  Ultimately, it is about how we reshape and refocus ourselves for the post Covid-19 world whereby we will continue to identify opportunities that support our clients and fulfil our commitments.  To summarise, we are confident that the measures we have introduced in the last 6 months of the year will continue to provide us with a strong operating foundation for what will become the new normal for the foreseeable, reinforcing our excellent reputation with our clients.



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