Washroom Manufacturing Solutions

KDM  has been designing, manufacturing and installing a variety of washroom and cubicle solutions since we were established in 1999. Currently, we are involved with Tesco Stores Limited on their roll out of refresh and new store programs delivering their design standard solutions for washroom areas for back and front of stores throughout the UK and Ireland. This is part of our strategic partneship we have developed with this client for more than a decade.

KDM have also established a broad portfolio of experience delivering cubicle and washroom manufacturing solutions to end clients in various sectors including the Public Sector with such clients as West Lothian Council and other national organisations within the retail, commercial, leisure and residential sectors as well as independent clients who require an individual bespoke solution for their washroom areas.

Since the inception of our design team and our bespoke manufacturing plant in Dalgety Bay we have used these services and facilities to develop new concepts for clients using innovative materials through partners such as Novograf. Who supply KDM with synthetic wall covering which can replicate the look of timber and brickwork amongst other traditional products. The benefit to this solution is that it is hygienic and also a cost effective method of getting the desired aesthetics and feel to what can sometimes be an austere area within your business. When applied in the wash room area this approach can open up new and exciting design solutions that can make a functional area of your business different from your competitors.

Bathroom Fit Out

Want some more info? Get in touch!

Want some more info? Get in touch!