Our team helped McDonald’s roll out their “ Experience Of The Future” Campaign, this was McDonalds 5 year plan to upgrade their estate with a variety of schemes to reflect the location of the individual restaurant and also create a more modern dining experience.  KDM assisted at multiple sites engaged as a Principal Contractor coordinating nominated suppliers and our trades.   To the right you will see images reflecting the diversity of the schemes we were involved with its hard to argue that this is a market leading remodel for one of the worlds leading food chains which KDM were proud to be part of.

As well as delivering multiple sites as a Principal Contract on the EotF scheme throughout the UK  KDM are also engaged to supply McDonald wall systems for front and back of house, the systems are all manufactured in the KDM’s UK manufacturing plant and distributed to McDonalds logistics partner H&K before being sent on to the restaurants throughout the UK for installation.. For more in depth details surrounding our work with McDonalds please get in touch with KDM using our Enquiry Form or the details contained within our Contact List page where someone will be more than happy to discuss this client or others.

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Fit Out Case Studies & Clients

Since opening in 1998 we have been extremely privelaged to be able to work with some of the biggest and most influential companies in the UK. We are proud to maintain long-running partnerships and make sure we keep producing high quality fit out solutions to our loyal clientele.

Tesco Case Study

We helped Tesco reach their interior fit-out needs in a number of ways.

  • Door sets- we manufacture Tesco’s doors in our bespoke manufacturing facility. Our state of the art and bespoke online ordering system means Tesco’s main contractors can quickly and easily order new door sets as they are required for each project.
  • Washrooms- we are part of the Tesco supply chain to manufacture and install washroom solutions to ensure that Tesco’s washrooms are off the highest standards in relation to hygiene, decor and functionality.
  • External Treatments- Our design and manufacturing team helped Tesco with external façade including Welcome, Recycling And Hello Brand Walls
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McDonald’s Fit Out Case Study

Our team helped McDonald’s roll out their “ Experience Of The Future Campaign”

  • We supplied OAT and ART of Food screens which help provide separation between the kitchen and dining area and privacy to the diners adding to a sleek dining experience.
  • We have delivered multiple sites as a Principal Contract on the EotF scheme throughout the UK
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