KDM- Tesco Fit-Out Case Study

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Here at KDM we have extensive experience delivering large projects in the retail industry. Our services revolve around delivering custom design, project management, manufacturing, and installation. At a first glance, the services we provide may seem somewhat confusing and it may be hard to understand exactly what we can help you with. This case study looks at our role in the Tesco supply chain and lays out how we helped Tesco with fit out solutions. 

Tesco Express

Tesco Fitting

Door fitting is one of the services we provide to Tesco. Yes, door fitting is not one of the glamorous aspects of interior design but it is, of course, essential. Our doors are designed in our bespoke manufacturing facility and are distributed to each specific store. What helps set us apart from competitors and allows Tesco the benefits of known cost and retention of quality is our unique online ordering system. Our ordering system allows all of Tesco’s main contractors to order door sets complete with ironmongery through our online intranet site.

Washroom Solution

High quality, hygienic and functional washrooms are expected by both staff and customers. In 2016 with corporate social responsibility at an all-time high, it is imperative that washrooms meet the expectations of all customers and employees. Tesco understands the need for quality washrooms and in conjunction with us, a national upgrade was undertaken. The was room solution, undertook all necessary aspects such as cubicles, duct panel systems, vanity units and wet walls systems all designed to the current Tesco design standard.

External Treatments

Stylish branding that resonates with your company’s ideology and makes your brand instantly recognizable to customers is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of marketing and company growth.  We helped Tesco’s updated external façade with such elements as Welcome, Recycling and Hello brand walls along with timber entrance goal posts. The rollout of the above was carried out at a national level and we helped guide Tesco from the design and manufacturing right through to the installation.

Tesco Express

 We are also the main contractor on the Tesco Express Development Programme. This involves coordinating trades on behalf of the client and delivering new store to meet Tesco’s program. We are extremely proud of the stylish design of Tesco Express and look forward to continually developing this important pipeline with Tesco.  Tesco Express

 Design Trials

 During the recent design trials in mainland, Europe KDM worked closely with the Tesco design team to develop, prototype, manufacture, and install on several initiatives.  KDM developed the rhttp://www.kdmshopfitting.com/tescoelationship further in recent years by allocating key members of our design team to work at Tesco Welwyn Gardens to create synergy in design between client and supplier which in turn provides a cohesive solution.

From branding design and creation to more functional aspects like door solutions and washroom upgrades, we can provide retailers and clients from other sectors a 360 service.

KDM Tesco Branding