KDM McDonald’s Case Study

By November 29, 2016 September 1st, 2020 News

Anyone that has been in a McDonald’s over the last couple of years will have noticed the chains new re-vamped look. McDonald’s used to represent a cafeteria style layout, with a sea of red and yellow paint, bright glow of fluorescent lights and chairs bolted to the floor. Here at KDM we were very fortunate to play a role in helping the world’s largest fast chain modernise, re-brand and create a sleek cosmopolitan lay-out that propels the brand right into the 21st century. At KDM we don’t just create bespoke shop fittings but we create fittings that replicate branding intents and the inner culture of your brand.

McDonald’s is a highly versatile company which has listened to public demands for healthier menu options and a pleasant, clean eating environment. The flagship “big mac” burger now contains 61% more beef, the chain is phasing out antibiotics from chickens and has even trailed deluxe breakfasts including turkey sausage, sautéed baby spinach and kale.

KDM have played a role in their “Experience of the Future “by helping to kick start their new retail design concept. From the reconfiguration to redesign we aim to help McDonald’s enhance the experience for their clientele. Our project durations vary greatly from 1 day to several months. Due to our expertise and efficient working methods, outlets can keep trading right throughout the majority of the program.

McDonaldsWe supply all McDonald’s restaurants through-out the UK with 2 types of screens. These are OAT screens which separate the restaurant from the kitchen area and the ART of Food screens which help provide privacy for diners while creating a cosmopolitan and trendy feel helping McDonald’s achieve their “Experience of the Future”.

McDonalds serves as example to our whole philosophy here at KDM. From Tesco to John Lewis we provide stylish practical shop fittings that blend in with your organisations brand and culture.